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In his 1998 movie, Psycho, Gus Van Sant very precisely replays Alfred Hitchcock’s movie of 1960.

In a comic book dated December 1967 (Tales of Suspense #96) and only in this issue, the face of Steve Rogers (Captain America) is the lookalike of Guillaume Houzé (the art collector). A strange ressemblance occurs (To Be Reborn!). This coincidence (drawings by Jack Kirby, inking by Joe Sinnott) doesn’t reappear in any other adventure, neither before or after.

In 1989, Bill Watterson superimposes a “50s style thriller” plot based on a Calvin & Hobbes adventure, resulting in an adult comic strip with the backdrop of a children’s story. The issues are scrambled.

The Ginette Moulin & Guillaume Houzé Collection
Galeries Lafayette Group

ANTIDOTE (catalogue) Part. 01