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a 365 day story

“Fortunes Cookies” may have been invented by Makoto Hagiwara, a landscape architect, at San Francisco, in 1915.

Purpose 1.
As “Fortunes Cookies” do, telling how adventurous the project was just by aphorisms. Short successives texts, slogans, quotations and dialogs as main line.

Purpose 2.
These “predictions” could (or not) be linked to shapes. Trying to convert the own scale of the project (urbanism) to a smaller one, a more intimate one, more catching too, a “street” scale... (May 68)

Purpose 3.
To conceive a typography (for purposes 1. and 2.).

In collaboration with Anne Mie Depuydt
Involved in the project: Claudia Danese & Jean-François Peschot
Editor: uapS (urbanisme architecture proje(c)t S) — fr