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(...) Deregulated B-side as well as its hearth.


(...) With typically anthropomorphic disregard for my personal safety and for the state of exhaustion so clearly delineated on my face...
... Gerber, Mayerik, and Marvel transported me by means unknown back here to the Florida Everglades, where i first appeared on your stupid earth.
I'm supposed to bare my soul and cofess all I known about that ridiculous incident. Unfortunately, I refuse.
Not one peep... Alone a WAAAUGH!

Howard the Duck (Get Down, America!), Marvel Treasury Edition, Special Collector’s Issue, 1976


Oustide Posters to rob... fast...

On an invitation of Mathieu Renard
Exhibition: THUD OOMPH
6th edition of Les Ateliers de Rennes–Contemporary Art Biennale
Curators: Céline Kopp and Étienne Bernard assisted by Elsa Vettier
Co-produced by Lendroit éditions
Lendroit éditions, Rennes – fr


Photo 01 © Aurélien Mole