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“I will show you how it works. It is quite a new thing. This flooring is now as strong as possible, but every night I disconnect it. It is done simultaneously by a central machine for every room on the ground-floor. When the floor is disconnected one may advance three or four steps, either from the window or door, and then that whole part turns on a hinge and slides you into a padded strong-room beneath (...)
There is a central oasis between the hinges, where the furniture is grouped for the night.
The flooring flies into position again when the weight of the intruder is removed, and there he must bide, while I can always take a peep at him by this simple little optical arrangement.”

The Doings of Raffles Haw, Arthur Conan Doyle, 1891

Sequences shot (clips) in forests around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – usa
This project and residence was funded by a grant from the Cnap

2007–in progress